Breastfeeding Your Man

Why is there a site on breastfeeding your man

Thats a great question. I was doing some research online to learn more about breastfeeding and I kept on coming across topics like this one that were drawing my attention. It was actually very surprising to find out that I’m not the only one who thinks about "breastfeeding your man" and has personal questions about breastfeeding my husband. 

Many people need and want to know about whether or not it is a good idea to breastfeed their spouse or boyfriend.
As crazy as it sounds, it is true.  We’ve put together this site to be a hub of breastfeeding information and give you
resources and information as well as an opportunity to read through
breastfeeding your man resources to help you learn more about the topic. We hope you find the resources you are looking for on this breastfeeding site. 

Make sure to bookmark this site for updated resources on breastfeeding your man, husband or boyfriend.

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We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information referred to on this breastfeeding site.  Our objective is simply to provide parents with breastfeeding information through a topic that is popular.